Happy Mother's Day

Thank you MOM
          for showing us love
          for teaching us love
          for being our first love

                    through the disappointments
                    through the heart aches
                    through the frustration

Thank you MOM
          for the way you cheer for us… unabashedly
                    console us… compassionately
                    encourage us… hopefully
                    guide us… knowingly
                    understand us… non-judgmentally
                    care for us… tenderly
          even the way you discipline us… temperedly
                    protect us… fiercely
                    believe in us… faithfully
                    provide for us… happily
                    pray for us… spiritually
                    sacrifice for us… willingly

And thank you MOM most importantly…
          for loving us unconditionally

from all of us HAPPY MOTHERS DAY

Rashia Mason

Rashia Mason is a diversity advocate who enjoys reading, writing, and puzzling in her downtime… when she’s not at the beach.


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