Cam Newton out here setting fashion trends; put in your order for striped short sets while supplies last

Cam Newton at Foxborough
Cam Newton arrives for his physical as he settles in with the Patriots.

Cam Newton arrived in New England and is already making waves. Ahead of taking the reigns on the New England Patriots as the team’s new quarterback, the Foxborough Fashionista showed up for his physical recently dressed in threads that you’d need Cam’s humble confidence to pull off.

You may not have the budget to shop the exclusive brands Cam does, but don’t fret, we’re here to help you shop the look for less.

Cam Newton
Mad Hatter Top Hat

A hat is a very personal fashion item. While you can order this top hat on Amazon, go the extra mile and get something a bit more custom: Available at $250 at Etsy.

V-Neck White T

A summer favorite, the classic solid white undershirt serves as a contrast to the horizontal lines of the Short-set. $4.98 for a pack of 4 at Ross.

Striped Short-Set

Cam is seen rocking a monochrome ensemble, but why limit yourself? Make the look your own with a colorful variation. $75 at

Walking Shoes

From these angles, it's ifficult to tell the brand of shoes, but a good walking shoe isn't hard to find. Checkout this list from Good House Keeping. They're all women's shoes, yes. But you could probably pull off a unisex look. Various prices,

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