Are you watching Wyatt Cenac’s Problem Areas? You should be

Wyatt Cenac's Problem Areas: Union Labor

HBO recently premiered the 2nd season of Wyatt Cenac‘s Problem Areas. and if you’re not already up on the show, this is a great time to start watching.

You’ll remember Cenac from his long-running correspondent spot on The Daily Show, back when Jon Stewart was at the helm. In Problem Areas Cenac visits a number of social issues, weaving first-person interviews with experts and everyday individuals into the production who provide analysis on the subject matter.

On episode 1 of season 2 Cenac takes a look at the state of labor unions in America, with a focus on the string of teacher strikes and walkouts that have taken place over the last year, and the Wisconsin education advocates who kicked off the movement.

The episode is worth a watch if you’ve ever wondered about the history of teacher pay in the U.S., hostile work environments in the food industry, or the role unions have played in protecting worker rights.

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