Apryl Jones squares off against J-Boog during Love & Hip Hop Hollywood reunion

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood reunion

Love and Hip Hop never fails to deliver on the drama that it has come to be known for and the reunion of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood definitely delivered. There has been much speculation surrounding the relationship of Apryl Jones and Lil Fizz, who made their relationship public during this season.

Some suspect that Jones is with Fizz to get back at former partner and father of her two children, Omarion. But, the two claim that they are in love and have moved in together. J-Boog took to social media prior to the reunion and called their relationship corny.

And once he was on stage with the pair he had this to say, “When he didn’t want to disclose to me how serious the relationship was, that’s when I knew sh*t was real. What’s f*cked up is it’s unfortunate that you f*cked with his brother before you f*cked with him, you get what I’m saying?”

To which Jones replied that she could let out some secrets of her own, speaking of the allegation that J-Boog was having relations with Omarion’s mother. J-Boog faults the pair for the group’s exclusion from the Millennium Tour.

The drama isn’t the only headline Jones has made this week as she was also accused of cheating on Lil Fizz with rapper FBG BabyGoat.

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