Supreme McGriff Jr. gives Marquise Jackson an ultimatum: Take down social media posts or else

Kyle Supreme McGriff Jr.
Supreme McGriff Jr. // Marquise Jackson
Kyle ‘Supreme McGriff Jr.’, son of reputed druglord, Kenneth ‘Supreme’ McGriff and Marquise Jackson, son of 50 Cent, strike a pose in an undated photo.
Kyle McGriff, who goes by Supreme McGriff Jr., is the son of Kenneth ‘Supreme‘ McGriff, a former Queens druglord who has been rumored to be responsible for the attempted murder of 50 Cent in 2000.

McGriff Jr. went on Instagram to demand Marquise Jackson, 50 Cent’s son, take down text messages the two exchanged.

“I’ma tell you one time, bro. One time. Delete that post off your page, bro,” McGriff Jr. says in the video post. “When y’all start posting text messages and screen shots and DMs of what people sayin’, bro?”

“You leakin’ my number? You leaked my number, bro? You got people calling my phone. Calling and texting me. Yo, you really on some fed, you on some police –ish, bro.”

Controversy started for Marquise, 26, after he appeared on Choke No Joke’s Instagram Live where complained about only receiving $6,700 in monthly child support from his father, and the lifestyle he’s entitled to because he is the son of a celebrity.

At the end of the conversation, Marquise submitted that he didn’t care about money, but instead longed for a relationship with his father.

A possible stumbling point in a reconciliation is a photo Marquise took with McGriif Jr. in 2018. He maintains he thought McGriff Jr. was just a fan looking for a flick and didn’t have any ill intent. To make amends, Marquise posted conversations with McGriff Jr. as proof that it was all a misunderstanding.

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