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Nicolas Cage’s Cali homes placed on auction block

An auction was held on Wednesday (April 7) to sell off three properties belonging to cash strapped actor Nicolas Cage. Cage, who finds himself in deep financial distress, was forced to offer…


The hilariously awful “Bangkok Dangerous” took advantage of a really slow box office weekend, coming out on top with $7.8 million in ticket sales, as Ben Stiller’s “Tropic Thunder” drops down one…

The Usual Suspects: The Wire

The Usual Suspects: The Wire

It’s surreal, too real, vividly visual, disturbingly descriptive, brilliant and refreshingly groundbreaking. All of these terms can be used when describing HBO’s new show ‘The Wire’, which premiered its second season on Sunday June 1st. The show’s realism, coupled with the idea that this could be taking place in a town near you, forces us to care about what happens to each and every character. It’s nothing less than a cinematic masterpiece captured within the confines of a television screen. And after going to the premiere I have to say for those not in the know, ‘The Wire’ will be HBO’s next smash hit series. Our sit down with Lance Reddick, Idris Elba, Michael K. Williams and Wood Harris offers insight as to why ‘The Wire’ is on the verge of extreme success.