The Pixar/Avengers mash-up

Disney owns Pixar. Disney also owns Marvel. With the string of hit animated films from Pixar, and Marvel’s ‘The Avengers’ billion-dollar+ blockbuster success, why not combine the two? Well, that’s exactly what fan J. M. Walter did as he reimagined some of Pixar’s most popular characters as Avengers.

(click to enlarge)

And in case you couldn’t figure them out (From Left):

Frozone, The Incredibles as Nick Fury
Lord MacGuffin, Brave as Thor
Elastigirl, The Incredibles as Black Widow
Mr. Incredible, The Incredibles as Captain America
Buzz Lightyear, Toy Story as Iron Man
Sulley, Monsters, Inc. as The Hulk
Horst, Ratatouille as Hawkeye


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