Dame Dash flexing his legal muscles once again; sues ex-wife Rachel Roy for owed royalties

New York: Rachel Roy, Damon Dash at The Cipriani Wall Street Concert Series with Mary J Blige, Cipriani Restaurant Downtown Wall Street, New York, October 19, 2005
Marcel Thomas/Getty
Dame Dash is heading back to court for the umpteenth time, now accusing ex-wife Rachel Roy of fraud. According to court documents, Dash claims that Roy conspired with “several” other companies to keep her clothing line, RRB afloat and to hide the amount of money that was due to him. Dash says that he was an original member of Rachel’s company while still married in 2008 and that he is entitled to royalties.

Rachel Roy Brands is sold in Bloomingdales and other department stores where Dame says the profits are in the millions yearly. Dame claims that Rachel along with others, “manipulated, diverted, misappropriated, transferred, concealed and embezzled funds” to withhold payments from him. Dame says that the games began in 2014 when a royalty payment of $175k was withheld; $200k was withheld in 2015.

Dame says that he and Rachel verbally agreed that she would buy him out of RRB for $1M but that she reneged without explanation. The lawsuit is aimed at Rachel, her company, lawyers and accountants. The amount of the lawsuit is unspecified.

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