Rappers Freeway and Oschino, members of State Property, in mourning after losing sons in separate incidents

Oschino, Freeway
Oschino, Freeway
Oschino Vasquez
Oschino Vasquez, with his Son, in an undated Instagram photo. Oschino Vasquez
Former members of the rap group State Property are dealing with the loss of their children, after it was revealed last week that the sons of Freeway and Oschino passed away in separate incidents.

Last week reports circulated that Oschino Vasquez’s son, Vasquez, was killing in a car accident alongside his pregnant girlfriend on Sunday, Oct. 25.

Days later, in a Thursday, Oct. 29 post on Instagram, Philly native Leslie Edward Pridgen, better know as Freeway, broke the news of his son, Jihad Pridgen’s passing, “God knows I try my best to be strong, but this right here is a pain like I never felt. Please cherish your time and your love ones because we’re not promise the next breath. I Pray Allah forgives my son for all Of his sins and I pray that Allah grants him the highest level of paradise. Ameen 😢 Please make dua for him & my family.”

Leslie "Freeway" Pridgen, Jihad Pridgen
Leslie “Freeway” Pridgen poses with son, Jihad Pridgen. Freeway
Jihad, who himself had a fledgling rap career, was 20 years old. His cause of death was not immediately clear.

Signed to Jay-Z’s Roc-a-fella Records, Vasquez and Pridgen, along with the rest of State Property, dominated the rap scene in the early 2000s. Pridgen went on to release 6 solo albums after the group disbanded.

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