Jackson State University president, William Bynum Jr. caught in thirst trap; locked up after showing up for prostitute

William Bynum Jr
William Bynum Jr. and Shonda McCarthy
William Bynum Jr., former Jackson State University president and Shonda McCarthy, the school’s art director, were arrested during a prostitution sting in Clinton, Mississippi.
Things are not looking good for the faculty and administration at Jackson State University after the president and art galleries director were busted in an undercover prostitution sting last weekend.

According to Clinton, Mississippi Police, Chief Ford Hayman, William Bynum Jr., the now former president of the university, the university’s art galleries director Shonda McCarthy, and 15 others were collared after they made arrangements online with who they thought was a prostitute to meet at the Fairfield Inn in Clinton, MS for sex.

57 year-old Bynum initially provided a fake name to police, he was charged with procuring services of a prostitute, simple possession of marijuana, and false statement of identity.

Bynum was selected to lead the HBCU in October 2018. He posted $3,00 bond on Sunday, and by Monday he had resigned his post.

McCarthy, 46, was charged with procuring the services of a prostitute and possession of marijuana while operating a motor vehicle. She was released on Sunday after posting $2,000 bond. It’s not clear if she’ll retain her position at the school.

While Bynum McCarthy arrived at the hotel at the same time, it wasn’t immediately clear if the two were together.

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