Joe Biden taps Alabama native, retired general Lloyd Austin as his Secretary of Defense

General Lloyd Austin

According to the Politico, president-elect Joe Biden has tapped Mobile, Alabama native retired general Lloyd Austin, to be his Secretary of Defense.

If confirmed, Austin will be the first African-American to be named Secretary of Defense.

Austin, 67, was the head of Central Command during the Obama era. He will need a congressional waiver to be confirmed for the civilian post because he retired from active-duty service only four years ago.

Most think this is a brilliant move by Biden and it might silence some of Biden’s critics who worried that his cabinet may not be diverse enough.

“Gen. Austin shares my profound belief that our nation is at its strongest when we lead not only by the example of our power, but by the power of our example,” Biden said in a statement.

“Throughout his lifetime of dedicated service — and in the many hours we’ve spent together in the White House Situation Room and with our troops overseas — Gen. Austin has demonstrated exemplary leadership, character and command.”

Austin is already facing opposition from some senate Democrats who said they will deny his nomination because of the waiver in place.

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