Rickey Smiley’s daughter, Aaryn, becomes statistic after weekend shooting

Rickey Smiley with daughter Aaryn Smiley
Rickey Smiley and daughter Aaryn Smiley pose after her high school graduation, May 2019. Rickey Smiley
Comedian and talk show host Rickey Smiley announced on his radio show, the Rickey Smiley Morning Show, on Monday morning, July 6, that his daughter was shot in Houston, TX over the weekend.

Smiley told his audience that his 19 year-old daughter Aaryn, was going to get some food at a Whataburger in Houston, when the incident occurred. Aaryn Smiley suffered three gun shot wounds. She underwent surgery Monday afternoon.

Smiley said “I’m sitting up here with butterflies in my stomach trying to do a show because my youngest daughter was shot last night.”

Just this past weekends, Smilely spoke out over the shootings of two eight-year-old children in Birmingham, AL and Atlanta, Ga.

A huge Black Lives Matter advocate, Smiley discussed the move to combat police brutality and the epidemic of violence in the black community, “
All the stuff these people trying to do to fight for the rights of Black people. This is no discredit to Black Lives Matter because I believe that and I’m with that movement 110%,” he said, adding, “There are criminals in our community that we need to do something about. Think about all the parents who got to pick out a casket this morning.”

“I just don’t understand it,” he said. “It’s absolutely disgusting.”

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