5 Seasons And Still No Award For Critically Acclaimed 'The Wire'

Seth Gilliam
Seth Gilliam, who played Sergeant Ellis Carver on HBO’s hit series, “The Wire,” is speaking out about the show’s recent snub by the Emmys.

“The Emmys will in no way validate the quality of the material we put out there. We take a little pride in not being nominated. The show deals with inner city civil servants and the Emmys would rather fantasize about lawyers and romance.”

The Wire” ended production earlier this year after five years on the air. And despite being lauded over by fans and critics as “the smartest, deepest and most resonant drama on TV” (Entertainment Weekly) – it has never received an award and regularly skipped over during nominations.

It’s a show about a blue collar town. It’s not very flashy and glamorous. There aren’t a lot of shootings in every episode and there isn’t a lot of flesh and nipples.

The Wire” is currently running in syndication.

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