Actress Aasha Davis Seeks Public Help for Missing Sister

Aasha Davis

Aasha Davis, who’s starred in a number of popular television programs throughout the years has gone public with detailes of here sister’s disappearance in hopes it will spark new clues as to her whereabouts.

Lesley Herring
Leslie Herring, 45, vanished from her Los Angeles condo on February 8 after getting into an argument with her husband.

Leslie Herring, 45, was reported missing on February 10 by her sister, after she failed to show up to work. She was last seen at her Los Angeles home on February 8. She disappeared shortly after getting into an argument with her husband of 11 years Lyle Herring. Though police say Mr. Herring is not a suspect, he has to this point refused to fully cooperating with the investigation.

On Tuesday (Mar. 24) Davis appeared on CBS’ The Early Show in a desperate plea for information.

“I think something terrible might have happened to her, just because I know that my sister would be in contact with us. She would want us to know where she was. She would know that we would worry about her so much.

“But my hope is that she’s okay and that she just needs to know that we want her home soon and that we miss her and love her and that she’s safe to come home.”

Davis has had stints on several high profile shows including, “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Friday Night Lights” and “House.”

Police ask anyone with information about the whereabouts of Leslie Herring to call the Los Angeles Police Department at 1-877-LAPD-247 or 1-877-527-3247.

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