A&E cans ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’

A&E has dropped ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ from its fall line up.

The reality series, which follows bounty hunter Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman and his family as as they attempt to apprehend fugitives from the law who’ve skipped out on bail, has aired on A&E since 2004. But this season will be the last.

In September A&E Television Networks, Hybrid Films, and D&D Television Productions (Chapman’s production company) were sued in Colorado federal court for breach of contract by Bobby Brown, a Colorado bail bondsman who claimed he appeared in and was principally responsible for 40 episodes of ‘Dog’ and was seeking just compensation. According to the complaint, the series has grossed more than $400 million since it’s debut in 2004, while Brown had only been paid $6,000 for his contributions.

A&E briefly took the show off the air in 2007 after the National Enquirer released tapes of Chapman spewing foul-mouthed racist slurs, but that was quickly swept under the table.

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