Amanda Seales had to decide between a pile of money to appear on ‘Love and Hip Hop’ and her self respect

Amanda Seales
Amanda Seales
Amanda Seales
When it comes to ’securing the bag’ there is virtually nothing people won’t do, including showing out and portraying yourselves as ignorant on national television. Amanda Seales ain’t one of those people.

In a conversation about reggae star, Shaggy, and the recent revelation that he turned down a spot on Rihanna’s upcoming album because he didn’t think he should have to audition for the gig, The Real co-host talked about the difference between having pride and having self-worth.

Seales went on to discuss how she was offered a job on VH1’s Love and Hip Hop — which would have paid very well, but she was not in favor of what the show promoted.

Most of the Love and Hip Hop audience may enjoy the chaos that ensues on the show, but cringe in disgust at how African Americans are portrayed and allow themselves to be portrayed, “I’ve definitely not done a job. I was broke as a joke and they asked me to host the Love and Hip Hop reunion, but I really just didn’t support the behaviors on that show, I couldn’t do it. It wasn’t about pride. It was about my integrity and my self-worth.”

At least there are some people in Hollywood that aren’t willing to sell their soul for some extra money!

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