Dennis Rodman Looses Butt-Slap Lawsuit

Dennis Rodman

On Tuesday (Apr. 28) a Las Vegas judge ruled in favor of a woman who sued former NBA player and sometimes reality TV star Dennis Rodman for smacking her backside.

28-year-old Sara Robinson’s suit charged that while she was working as beverage manager at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino’s Cuba Libre bar in 2006 a drunken Rodman slapped her bottom, grabbed her and forced her to dance with him.

She complained to management and was told Rodman would no longer be allowed in the establishment. But that promise was not kept and Rodman was later allowed back into the bar where he caused another scene. When Robinson complained again she was fired.

Robinson filed a discrimination case against Hard Rock, which was quietly settled.

Judge Jones ruled against Rodman in default since the 47-year-old, who most recently was a contestant on Donald Trump’s “The Apprentice,” never showed up to court to respond to the lawsuit.

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