Diddy Sides with Byron Allen in Comcast suite

Diddy at Revolt

By now, you’ve probably heard about of the Supreme court case of Byron Allen against Comcast. What started as a dispute over Comcast’s unwillingness to carry seven channels that are provided by Allen’s company Entertainment Studios has morphed into a 21st century civil rights show down.

At it’s heart, Allen contends Comcast is in violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1866, which gives “all persons” the same right “enjoyed by white citizens” to “make and enforce contracts” and “to sue.” You can read about the whole sorted affair here.

Meanwhile, Allen has been on a media blitz as his date with the Supreme Court inches closer, making appearances on the Breakfast Club, The Karen Hunter Show, and being a hot topic on a number of podcasts and video blogs.

Even Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, who’s part owner of the Revolt cable channel, has stood up and sided with Allen. Combs has stated that while Revolt has signed an agreement with Comcast for distribution, they have single-handedly stopped the growth of the network.

“Comcast spends billions of dollars on content networks every year, but just a few million go to African American owned networks like REVOLT. That is unacceptable,” states Combs on his twitter feed. He went on to explain that even those few African American owned networks are not offered in standard packaging and Comcast has made no effort on their part to further cultivate the black-owned networks.

Essentially what happens is Comcast signs agreements with these African American networks in order to meet a quota. They never intend to put their all into growing these networks or placing the needs of these networks in front of networks that are melanin-challenged if you will!

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