Oprah Winfrey Dumps 'Big Give'

Oprah Winfrey and the cast of Big Give

Oprah Winfrey has pulled the plug on her reality show, Oprah’s Big Give.

The Brewster’s Millions-style reality show, which premiered earlier this year, pitted 10 contestants against each other in a cross-country race to help change the lives of unsuspecting people by giving them money, with the least successful donor being sent home at the end of each week.

Ms. Winfrey notified ABC, which carries Big Give and her Oprah Winfrey Show, that she would not be renewing her contract for the philanthropic reality series.

ABC entertainment president Steve McPherson expressed regret at Ms. Winfrey’s decision, “We loved that show and absolutely would have loved to bring it back.

While the show had a decent following, it drew in nearly 10 million viewers, it wasn’t as big a hit as Ms. Winfrey might have wanted.

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