Orlando Jones calls ‘American Gods’ showrunner a culture vulture as Screen Actors Guild opens investigation into his firing

Orlando Jones as Mr. Nancy on American Gods

Former American Gods actor Orlando Jones talked about his irritation with the show’s showrunner, Charles Eglee, “acting black.”

On a recent visit to The Clay Cane Show Jones called Eglee a culture vulture. “[Charles] is running around with a Black Panther t-shirt on talking like you black, acting like you black, thinking you blacker than black people. You’re playing that whole game, which is the only reason you would run your ass around and say something is crazy as Mr. Nancy’s bad for black America and clearly there’s nobody around to correct you.”

”He wears Stay Woke hats and Black Panther t-shirts and sunglasses. Dresses like old school Run DMC type of deal. Look at the pictures. He’s white, but it’s one of those white guys who talks like a black guy. I don’t have any problems with somebody who’s a fan of the culture, but that doesn’t make you black.”

Jones recently revealed he was fired from the Starz series, back in September for having “the wrong message for black America.”

Jones portrayed the trickster god Anansi, aka Mr. Nancy on the Fremantle-produced show.

You’ll remember Fremantle is the production company behind America’s Got Talent. AGT is accused of firing Gabrielle Union for being too ethnic.

It’s a shame, because Jones’ Anansi character was one of the highlights of American Gods, based on Neil Gaiman’s 2001 novel.

Jones’ revelation may only be the beginning of problems for Fremantle. The Screen Actors Guild‐American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) opened an investigation into Fremantle’s shnanagens, telling People, “After initial meetings with Gabrielle Union and her representatives about her experiences on America’s Got Talent, and after learning more about Orlando Jones’s experience on American Gods, SAG-AFTRA is expanding its investigation of Fremantle Media,”

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