Tracee Ellis Ross putting her stamp on MTV’s Daira with spin-off series

Tracee Ellis Ross

Remember Daria? That animated series from the 90s about the awkward period known as high school?

Anyone still watching MTV knows the show made it back on the air in 2018 (you can also catch episodes on Hulu and But did you know there are plans for a series spin-off?

Black-ish star, Rainbow Johnson, err, Tracee Ellis Ross has been announced as the voice of the lead character in the upcoming spin-off, Jodie. The series will take place in a more grown-up setting, the workplace, with Ross voicing the character of Jodie Landon, a former classmate of Daria as she graduates from an HBCU and starts a career in the tech industry.

Jodie comes from creator Grace Nkenge Edwards, who was previously a writer and story editor on Netflix’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Ross will also executive produce the series, saying in an MTV statement, “Jodie will be the first adult animated show in almost 20 years that will star a black woman. It will be a smart, funny workplace comedy full of commentary about everything from gentrification to sex to tech to call-out culture.”

Daria cast
Daria class of 1990-something, from left: Brittany Taylor, Angela Li, Kevin Thompson, Jodie Landon, Daria Morgendorffer, Jane Lane, Michael Jordan Mackenzie, Andrea, Metalmouth, Charles Ruttheimer
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