What’s So Bad About Naming Your Album “Yeezus”?

Kanye: Big Baby Yeezus

Having said this, there are a good amount of people who feel that these God comparisons and  Illuminati references are in someway, if not all the way, connected to the devil and the practicing of Satanic rituals, while others think the exact opposite, and some are so confused that they could care less as long as the music is good. Whatever the case may be, whether it is J. Cole calling his new album, (also released today) Born Sinner or Jay-Z, who recently announced that he will be releasing an album entitled, Magna Carta Holy Grail, God and the celebration of Egyptian symbolism seems to be at the forefront of music these days. This celebration of everything Egyptian has also made its way into the world of fashion.

Eye of Horus

Just take a look at all of the snap-backs decorated with the eye of Horus and the Egyptian Goddess Isis, who also happens to be emblazoned across the petite chest of a certain Roc Nation affiliated rude gal singer. Are these Satanic symbols or have we been tricked into believing they are? After all, the eye of Horus is really just an ancient Egyptian symbol that symbolizes protection, royal power and good health. Doesn’t sound devilish to me, in fact, it sounds kinda Godly.

Since Kanye West released an album entitled Yeezus today, one has to think, is the title of this album  just one more “blasphemous” call for attention to add to Kanye’s list? Or, are Kanye and other musicians like Jay-Z, Madonna and Beyonce really just trying to drop some knowledge on us in a silly roundabout ass way? Maybe, just maybe, these musicians who are flashing the Eye of Horus and representing fertility Goddesses like Esther and Isis are shying away from the blonde haired blue eyed savior in the sky who we have been conditioned to worship in order to show love to a few brown Gods who may or may not deserve the same recognition. And maybe these artists, by taking on monikers like “Esther” (the Goddess of fertility that Madonna calls herself) or “Hov” (Jay-z) and in this case, “Yeezus”, know that God is not actually in the sky, but more so, right here on earth living inside of each and everyone of us waiting to be awakened and embraced.

Maybe by calling himself “Yeezus”, Kanye realizes that his story is no different from Jesus’s story in the sense that he was given a gift (writing, producing, performing) and was sent here to share it with the world. That’s right, no different than you and I who have been blessed with our own individual gifts and talents that we can choose to share or not share with the world. And if this is the case, these artists are pretty corny for not just coming right out and saying that the God inside of us is best amplified when we decide to use our God given talents to make a living and maybe even make the world a better place. Why keep it a secret? Maybe Kanye, Jay and Madonna don’t think their fans are cool enough to know the whole truth. Whatever the case may be, I’ll leave you with a quote, that confirms for me at least, the message that Kanye is “trying” to give to us without really trying to give it to us. Kanye was recently at a listening party for Yeezus in New York City when he gave a very brief reason as to why the title of his album is what it is: “I want to explain something about the title Yeezus, simply put, Kanye West was my slave name, and Yeezus is my God name.”

Note: After saying all this, I’d like to also say, maybe I’m wrong, maybe these artists really have sold their souls to the “devil”. Shit, I wouldn’t be surprised, this world is a crazy place.

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