D.L. Hughley recovering after on-stage collapse in Nashville

D.L. Hughley
D.L. Hughley
Shannon McCollum
D.L. Hughley had a medical emergency Friday night while performing at a Nashville, TN club.

Hughley was in the middle of his comedy set at Zanies Comedy Club when he began speaking incoherently and slurring his words. His manager came to his aide as his body went limp and he started sliding off his seat. Other staff members quickly joined him on stage and they carried Hughley to a back room as the audience sat is shocked silence.

Paramedics arrived, placing Hughley on a stretcher, and rushing him to a nearby hospital. He remained in the hospital overnight as doctors ran tests and stabilized his condition.

A statement by his representatives said Hughley’s emergency was due to “exhaustion after all the week’s work and travel”. The statement added that Hughley was on the mend, and thanked “everyone for [their] very kind prayer and thoughts.”

Hughley, 57, was taking part in the “Juneteenth Social Awareness-Thon,” a live performance in front of a sold-out audience and streamed on social media, that was raising money for coronavirus awareness and to promote Black empowerment and education. The event other artists including Anthony Anderson and Snoop Dogg.

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