Kanye West’s mental illness flares up whenever he has something to promote: D.L. Hughley

D.L. Hughley, at the Nashville Comedy Festival
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D. L. Hughley
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Fresh off his Covid-19 recovery, D.L. Hughley came out swinging against Kanye West.

Experiences bursts of craziness a week or so before an album release or sneakers go on sale also remain unexplained.

During an appearance on Fanroom Live to promote his new book, Surrender White People, Hughley said he doesn’t believe Kanye is as “off” as he claims to be, and made several points to prove his claim.

  1. Mental illness doesn’t explain why he’s “misogynistic”.
  2. Being bipolar doesn’t explain why Kanye is “disrespectful to our [black people] history”.
  3. Slavery denial and “denigrating” historical black heroes like Harriet Tubman isn’t a symptom of mentally illness.
  4. Kanye’s crazy vitriol is reserved only for black people, “He’s not so mentally ill that he’ll talk about any other people. He talks about people he can get away with.”

Hughley isn’t wrong. How Kanye breaks out into crazy weeks before he releases an album, or his signature sneaker goes on sale, or whenever he’s looking for attention remains unexplained.

It seems like every time Ye says or does anything outlandish, mental illness is the fallback excuse. Hughley points out that Kanye’s brand of crazy hasn’t gotten in the way of him running for president. His enablers didn’t question why a crazy person applied for, and got, a $5 million Covid-related Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan from the government.

Kanye West
North Charleston, SC: Kanye West breaks down in tears during a presidential rally in South Carolina, July 19, 2020.
“He’s not so ill that he’s trying to be a disruptor in the political forum,” Hughley said. “He took $5 million in the PPP payments. So he seems to be conveniently ill when it serves his purposes. And, to me, Kanye West is exactly like Donald Trump so it would make sense they are attracted to one another.”

On the subject of running for president, there was never any realistic chance of Kanye mounting a campaign four months before an election and winning… only a crazy person would believe that. Except, Ye all but admitted in a Forbes interview that he has no expectation of winning, and that he joined the 2020 presidential race to pull black votes from Joe Biden. That sounds more strategic than crazy.

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