Bill Cosby hops on Twitter to thank Boosie from behind bars

Bill Cosby did something kind of strange today. Cosby, who on the second year of a 3- to 10-year prison sentence after being convicted of rape in September 2018, took to his Twitter account (don’t know how) and thank Boosie.

“On this 10th day of December 2020…I will pay homage to those who have supported me and my family, simply by saying, thank you. The first person to be recognized on Thank You Thursday is Rapper @BOOSIEOFFICIAL,” tweeted Cosby, “Thank you for your support & I’m praying for you to have a speedy recovery and for your mobility to be restored. Again, thank you very much.”

Boosie, who’s recovering from a November gunshot wound, has long been advocating for Cosby’s freedom, particularly following the release of an unflattering pic of the star in prison.

No one is sure what Boosie has done for Cosby other than being an advocate for his release from prison, but as several people on social media pointed out, Cosby hasn’t always appreciated the sentiments of rappers:

Cosby has never been a fan of hip hop or hip hop culture and has been highly critical especially of rappers.

As of now, Boosie has yet to respond to Cosby’s tweets.

Stacey Mickles

Stacey Mickles is a native of Birmingham, AL and has worked as a lifestyle reporter and sports writer over the years.

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