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Fat Joe goes to jail

Fat Joe sentenced to four months in jail

From Westley Snipes to Ronald Isley, it seems like paying taxes is something that a lot of celebrities seem to be having a problem with these days.

Wesley Snipes

Wesley Snipes released from prison

Actor Wesley Snipes has been released from a Pennsylvania prison after serving more than two years for tax evasion. Snipes began a three-year tax-evasion sentence in December 2010. His release was made…

Wesley Snipes going up the river next week

The U.S. Marshal’s Office has ordered actor Wesley Snipes to surrender himself to Pennsylvania prison authorities on Wednesday (Dec. 9) to begin his 3-year prison sentence for failing to failing to file…

Court denies O.J. Simpson appeal in ’08 robbery conviction

The Nevada Supreme Court refused Friday (Oct. 22) to overturn O.J. Simpson’s armed robbery and kidnapping convictions, rejecting a claim that prospective jurors were dismissed because they were black.