Boxer Antonio Tarver Suing “Rocky” Movie Makers

Stallone and Tarver in Rocky Balboa
Stallone and Tarver in 2006’s “Rocky Balboa”

Boxer Antonio Tarver is ready for another bout with Rocky. This time the former champ is taking on the film’s producers… in court.

Tarver, who held the world Light Heavyweight champion title championship in 2003, played a slight variation of himself in the 2006, Sylvester Stallone-helmed boxing film, “Rocky Balboa,” starring as heavyweight champion Mason ‘The Line’ Dixon. A role that Tarver says he was due, but never received, a performance bonus.

In a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court yesterday (Apr. 30) Tarver contends he is owed $1.5 million (plus interest) based on a stipulation in his contract that awarded him bonus money based on how much cash the movie pulled in during it’s run.

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