Holy Record Breaker, Batman! Dark Knight Scores Big at Box Office

Heath Ledger as The Joker

The super hero epic scored the biggest weekend in Hollywood history, earning and estimated 155.3 million dollars in its first three days at the box office.

The Dark Knight took down the previous opening-weekend box-office champ, Spider-Man 3, which earned 151.1 million when it was released last year.

The film stars the late Heath Ledger as The Joker. And his performance has sparked speculation of an Academy Award nomination. Mr. Ledger died of a drug overdose in January (2008), before filming was completed on The Dark Knight.

“We knew it would be big, but we never expected to dominate the marketplace like we did,” said Warner Bros. head of distribution, Dan Fellman.

To date, The Dark Knight has broken several records, including: best midnight screening: $18.5 million, best one-day box-office earnings: $66 Million, best IMAX debut: $6.2 million, best opening weekend: $155.3 million.

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