Judge Orders Tyrese to Pay as Divorce Hearings Continue

It’s cheaper to keep her. That’s probably what actor/singer Tyrese Gibson is thinking today after a Judge decreed he must fork over $65,000 to Norma Gibson, his estranged wife and mother of his 2-year-old daughter, Shayla.

Norma, Tyrese
Tyrese with wife Norma at the premiere of his film Waist Deep (2006)

In addition to the lump sum payment, and in spite of a pre-nuptial agreement, Tyrese was ordered to pay $6,230 in child support payments, as well as Norma’s rent and car payments at $2,730 and $800 respectively.

Despite of the generous ruling in her favor, Norma Gibson is continuing her fight against her prenup in a bid to possibly get a bigger payday when the divorce is finialized. She has good reason to put up a fight since the prenup stipulates that Norma would only get $50,000 for every year they are married and that she would have to move out of Tyrese’s house within 60 days of a separation or divorce.

In court papers Norma, who got hitched to Tyrese only 10 months ago, claims the “Baby Boy” star is a deadbeat dad.

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