Funnyman Katt Williams nearly missed his Carnegie Hall appearance yesterday (Nov. 6) after NYPD cops took him and his 6-man-entourage into custody on gun possession charges.

Officers patrolling the streets in the early morning hours spotted two vehicles parked on the corner of West 28th Street and Broadway at approximately 1:45 am, one of them, a late model Cadillac Escalade, had no license plate, prompting them to investigate.

After searching the Escalade the officers found a .40 caliber Smith and Wesson handgun and a 9mm Taurus. The second car, a Mercedes-Benz, yielded a .45 caliber Glock.

Williams, along with three men and three women was placed under arrest. But the 37-year-old comedian was released on bail I time to take the stage at Carnegie Hall.

Williams was arrested on similar charges almost one year to the day of this NYC arrest. On November 7, 2006 Williams was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport when security agents found a stolen handgun in his luggage.

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