Liam Neeson Enters $20 Million Dollar Club

liam neeson
liam neeson

Despite Oscar nominated actor Liam Neeson telling a radio station that if ‘Taken 3’ were to hit theaters it would “just be bad parenting” (, the action star will be returning to the big screen in the next installment of the ‘Taken’ series where he portrays a disgruntled dad and former CIA operative who must rescue his daughter when she is captured by bad guys. According to Yahoo!, Liam will be paid very handsomely for his role in the film, and join an elite group of actors for his participation in “Taken 3”.

Yahoo! Movies is reporting that the Liam will join the ranks of movie stars like Leonardo Dicaprio and Will Smith when he earns $20 million for reprising his role in the franchise.  According to Yahoo, the action franchise grossed $376 million worldwide back in 2009, and last year’s “Taken 2” cost $45 million to make and ranked in $226 million at the box office.

“Taken 3” is set to wrap-up filming in March 2014 and is speculated to be directed by “Taken 2” director Olivier Megaton.

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