Terrence Howard may be insane

Terrence Howard
Terrence Howard
Terrence Howard
Terrence Howard
Terrence Howard is the ultimate overprotective dad. The Iron Man star recently revealed he threatened the life of his 14-year-old daughter’s boyfriend.

Mr. Howard says he disapproved of daughter Aubrey’s relationship with a classmate and “intervened” by forcing them to breakup.

“She’s supposedly in love with some guy. I made her break up with him and I’ve threatened to kill him. I was like, you picked a green fruit from the tree that’s far from ripe,” says Howard adding that he told her, “I’ve set a lot of things aside for you, but those things are only yours as long as you’re obedient to me.”

To ensure the break-up succeeds he plans to take her oversea this summer “where her phone won’t work, and he’ll start dating someone else.”

Howard has a total of three children with his ex-wife Lori McCommas; Aubrey, Hunter, 12, and Heavenly, 10.

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