Terrence Howard out, Don Cheadle in as ‘Iron Man 2’ negotiations go south

Don Cheadle
Don Cheadle
Don Cheadle
Don Cheadle at the 2007 WSOP: Ante Up for Africa Charity Event.
Slashfilm has a post up about a Hollywood Reporter story that says that Terrence Howard, who played Jim Rhodes, Tony Stark’s best friend, in the summer blockbuster Iron Man won’t be appearing in Iron Man 2 and instead Don Cheadle will take over the role.

It seems Mr. Howard was replace because of money issues (he wanted more money, Marvel Studios didn’t want to pay him more money so he bounced).

It’s common practice for stars to get a bump in salary for a sequel but according to Slashfilm, Marvel has been extremely tight with their cash.

While I did like Mr. Howard’s performance in Iron Man, Mr. Cheadle is no slouch. Here’s hoping he can pull off the role.

It’s been rumored that director, Jon Favreau plans to introduce War Machine in Iron Man 2. War Machine is a suit of armor similar to Iron Man but with Jim Rhodes at the controls. So look to see Mr. Cheadle rocking the stainless steel suite.


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