After Juice WRLD’s death from overdose, Juicy J issues apology for glorifying drug use in his music

Juicy J, We Trippy Mane

With all of the recent deaths in the music industry due to drugs and violence the culture may finally be ready to make a drastic shift away from romanticizing drug use in rap lyrics. One of the people who feels personally responsible for introducing drugs to the hip hop community through their music is Juicy J.

In the early 2000s, talk of sipping on codeine and recreational drug use became increasingly popular. Now instead of just talking about it, young artists are drinking codeine on a regular basis, smoking weed, as well as using ecstasy and percocet. Juice WRLDS ex-girlfriend even spoke in an interview about how every drug you could think of was being offered to him by record labels when they were all trying to get him to sign with them.

Juicy J tweeted, ”If I inspired anybody to do drugs I apologize.” Juicy J wants to have no ties to being responsible for drugs being mainstream into the music industry. But now that the use of drugs has been introduced can the same powers and influences that introduced it help to filter it out?

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