Ari Lennox and her fans disappointed in Soul Train loss to Lizzo

Ari Lennox at the 2019 Soul Train Awards

The Soul Train Awards were last Sunday night if anyone missed it, and it was a big night for Lizzo as she won several awards but it wasn’t a happy night for Ari Lennox.

The “Shea Butter Baby” singer expressed her hurt and disappointment about not winning Soul Train’s Album of the Year Award which went to Lizzo.

Lennox spent Monday and Tuesday ranting on Twitter about not winning.

Some of the frustration that she and her fans share seems to come from the idea that Lizzo’s album was “whitewashed” and that’s why she won. “‘Shea Butter Baby’ will always be special. I made a soul album for black people. I made my album for black people lol,” she wrote on Twitter.

She continued:

“You know what I realized? People who genuinely f*ck with me understand my frustration. People who are self-hating haters and clearly have never given my music a chance got the biggest problem with me always,” she said. “No one will have to worry about me complaining after this current complaint. Lol what I will not do is ever be this depressed again.”

“It’s not just an award. It wasn’t any award show. It was the soul train awards. As you can see I’m big fan of soul music and huge fan of soul trains history. Being snubbed was something I always expected and was definitely prepared for just not by them.”

It seems as if Lennox has more of a problem with the Soul Train Awards snubbing her than with Lizzo. She doesn’t mention the “Truth Hurts” singer by name, however, her reaction from Twitter and some of her fans towards the artist, has rubbed some the wrong way.

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