Back taxes, lawsuits, eviction and now the goverment is auctioning his name. Young Buck can’t win.

Young Buck in a cubical

Deep in debt and practically blackballed from the music industry, it may be time for David Brown to look into other career options.

It’s been a steep fall for rapper Young Buck. The 31 year old, born David Darnell Brown, who’s music career goes back to 1995 when he signed with Cash Money Records and rose to fame as 1/4 of the original members of G-Unit, has hit what seems to be rock bottom.

On top of being unable to make any studio albums due to contractual obligations to his former G-Unit label, Brown is on the hook for over $300k, the result of failing to pay federal income taxes in 2006 and 2008. And the government wants it’s money!

Earlier this year a judge forced Brown to sell his Tennessee home, with the proceeds going towards his debit. Well, that wasn’t enough, and now the IRS is set to auction Brown’s belonging including recording equipment, jewelry, the publishing rights to his music catalog and the trademark to his stage name, Young Buck.

In addition to his IRS debit, Brown, who’s currently in bankruptcy, owes $11.5 million to creditors, including $10 million to his former record label G-Unit for breaching his recording contract.

The auction is scheduled for July 26 with a preview set for July 25. The auction notice and a discription of the items up for sale can be found here.

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