DMX picks up tab for family shopping for back to school clothes

DMX with Nikki Cutchens
DMX with Nikki Cutchens. DMX decided to pay for Cutchens’ purchases while shopping for shoes.

DMX was in Maine recently for a Labor day weekend performance at Westbrook’s Rock Row.

Before the show, he hopped into nearby Journeys department store for some shoes. While there, he decided to spread some happiness by paying the bill for a family shopping for back to school shoes.

NewsCenterMaine reports that Nikki Cutchens and her daughters were at the register waiting to complete her purchase when a man on line asked if she was shopping for after school clothes. Cutchens replied yes.

The man told Cutchens the experience wasn’t new to him since he had 15 children of his own and insisted on paying for her items.

Cutchens resisted the offer at first, “When I told him I couldn’t let him do that, a girl yelled from the back of the store, saying, ‘Girl, yes you can!'”

That’s when the man revealed to Cutchens who he was, “My name is Earl, but people know me as DMX.”

“I was stunned,” Cutchens said. Her daughters were a little less impressed. Kids. But all the same, the group appreciated the gesture, “He was so incredibly nice about all of it. It was just totally crazy and we are so grateful.”

DMX posed for pictures with the group and other patrons before taking off.

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