EMI reopens lawsuit against Kanye West for ownership rights of albums

Kanye West

EMI has refilled its lawsuit against Kanye West. The original suit was tossed and a federal judge had given both parties until December 27 to re-file if they chose.

In the original lawsuit filed earlier this year, Kanye declared that his publishing deal with EMI was not legally enforceable. According to the rapper, his contract with EMI was only meant to last for seven years and songs he released after October 1, 2010 should not fall under EMI’s ownership.

In response, EMI filed a countersuit stating that the rapper had agreed to extend the terms of his contract, a move that could possibly last for a lifetime.

According to reports by TMZ, EMI decided to make the first move at the last minute by sending a letter indicating that the aforementioned case cannot be settled as it were and that they will be seeking to reopen the lawsuit.

There’s been no response from Kanye’s camp on EMI’s re-filing.

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