Fabolous has Bad Credit; 5 Credit Cards Declined at Bar


Brooklyn rapper Fabolous got a taste of what many Americans have been feeling in the weakened economy.

The Def Jam artist faced embarrassment when his credit cards when declined while he attempted to pay a tab at the Eros World Tapas Bar in Atlanta club on Saturday Jan 21).

An anonymous source told the New York Post’s Page Six that the 31-year-old Fabolous, born John Jackson, had not one or two, but five credit cards rejected when he attempted to pay the tab for his 20+ member entourage. According to the source, the large group ordered an excessive amount of alcohol and champagne “so the manager asked for a credit card to start a tab.”

Things only got worst from there as a member of the entourage was dispatched to take care of the situation (presumable by getting cash from a nearby ATM or duffle bag), said member got into a scuffle with bouncers outside the bar in which he “tripped and fell, hitting his head on the concrete and started bleeding. The manager called an ambulance. But as soon as the entourage member also saw the police, he began running away, blood oozing down his face.”

Fabolous and the rest of the entourage stayed behind, but paid cash for all their purchases.

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