Former employee sues MC Lyte for unpaid wages

Mc Lyte

A former employee is suing MC Lyte claiming the rap legend stiffed him for work he completed on Lyte’s company, Sunni Gyrl.

In court documents, Christopher Smith says he was hired to produce animation, art, and to write for a Sunni Gyrl project. At some point, the decision was made to end the employment relationship. Smith claims he left the company having not been paid for 1,228 hours of work. According to Smith’s attorney, he was later given a $11,250 check was part of a settlement agreement for the unpaid hours. That check, according to Smith, bounced.

A rep for Lyte contradicts that account, telling TMZ that the agreements with Smith was for the transfer of ownership of illustrations he had created as part of the project. The rep also denied the check given to Smith bounced, instead a stop payment was ordered after Smith failed to provide the illustrations.

The unnamed rep tells TMZ, “Mr. Smith’s frivolous lawsuit is smoke-and-mirrors and a misguided attempt to publicly harass and intimidate MC Lyte and Sunni Gyrl.”

Smith’s lawsuit is seeking $38,375, the total amount he says is owed to him. The suit lists MC Lytle, her business partner, Lynn Richardson, and Sunni Gyrl as defendants.

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