French Montana remains in hospital after being admitted to ICU 6 days ago


On Thursday of last week rapper French Montana was rushed a Los Angeles hospital after calling 911 from his home after experiencing an elevated heart rate, stomach pains, and nausea. It was reported at the beginning of the ordeal that the rapper was intoxicated, but people present at the sense contradict those reports and insist the rapper was not intoxicated at all.

Montana posted a video earlier this morning via his twitter with the caption “6 days in icu 🙏.” Doctors are still trying to pinpoint what exactly has made the rapper become so ill recently.

Some speculated that Montana may have suffered from a case of food poisoning after his recent travel in the Middle East, however, if that was the case it wouldn’t take this long to get his symptoms under control. Montana will continue to be monitored by doctors until he begins to show signs of improvement.

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