Juice WRLD’s ex-girl dishes on his daily drug use, “You promised to stay alive for me”

Juice Wrld

There has been a lot of speculations swirling around Juice WRLD‘s death earlier this week. It was revealed that the rapper swallowed a bag of Percocet pills in an attempt to hide them from law enforcement conducting a search of his plane, leading to his death.

The late rapper’s ex-girlfriend, Alexia Smith, was on Instagram discussing the addiction that took his life, saying Juice would take three Percocets a day and drink lean on top of that.

She also spoke about his depression, ”Even when he had every reason to be happy, he still wasn’t and obviously that’s mental illness. If you have family, girlfriend, money, you have the job that you want but you’re still unhappy at that point, your brain isn’t working properly and you need professional help.”

On the availability of drugs, Smith says, ”He didn’t do the coke but the point was, in the beginning, labels were fighting over him so bad they would have given him anything.”

Juice Wrld with Alexia Smith
Juice Wrld with Alexia Smith

“I didn’t tell him to stop right away because I didn’t realize how bad it was and I was doing it with him.”

Their relationship took a turn when Smith decided to kick her addiction to lean.

Smith paid tribute to Juice in a series of post on Instagram, “All I can say is that I never stopped loving you any less. You always said you wanted to change the world before you passed, and you did. You changed my world, your fans worlds and so many others. The second picture breaks my heart.You promised to stay alive for me… you were never good at keeping promises but that was just one of your flaws that made you, you. I’m going to make you a promise I won’t break.

I will keep your name alive and so will your fans. We won’t let you die twice. 999. Forever.”

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