Kelly and Pusha-T perform “Street Life” on Good Morning America

Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland

By David Nazario

Kelly Rowland visited Good Morning America this week delivering a flawless performance of her new single, “Street Life” off of new album Talk A Good Game.  Dressed in all back everything, Pusha T and Kelly did their thing performing Kelly’s new song about the joys and stresses of struggling to make it and keep a couple of dollars in your pocket in the process. Although I don’t imagine that Kelly’s suburban upbringing was too rough, she did a great job of conveying the message in this song while performing alongside four male back-up dancers in front of an audience of excited fans.

Kelly also gave a somewhat revealing interview on GMA, talking about, among other things, the misconceptions associated with one of her song lyrics that some feel insinuates that she was at one time jealous of Beyonce. According to Kelly, the lyric in the song is being misconstrued, and she can understand why (see the video below for Kelly’s explanation).

Like a true pro, Kelly dodged questions about a Destiny’s Child reunion when asked about the song “You Changed” that features Michelle and Beyonce. I guess we will just have to wait and see if one of the biggest girl groups of all time will get back together for another reunion.

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