Lil Kim Prepares for Release of Tell-All Book

Lil Kim
Photo: Alexedge

St. Martin’s Press is taking a chance on Lil Kim. It was recently revealed that the book publisher contracted Kim to write a tell-all book about her time behind bars tentatively titled, “The Price of Loyalty.

Kim served 10 months in the Federal Detention Center in Philadelphia after being convicted in the spring of 2005, along with assistant, Monique Dopwell, of perjury for lying to federal authorities about a 2001 shooting outside a New York radio station involving members of her entourage, they were acquitted of obstruction of justice. Kim faced up to 20 years in prison-five years each for three perjury counts and one count of conspiracy-but was eventually sentenced to one year and a day behind bars, she was released early for good behavior.

Interesting enough, Kim was sued last year by Simon & Schuster for $40,000 in advance money it paid out to the rapper for a book that never materialized.

The Price of Loyalty” is expected to hit bookstores next month (June 2009).

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