London Police Rescue Lily Allen's Kidnapped Pal

Lilly Allen

Police in England thwarted a kidnapping plot against a friend of Pop singer Lily Allen.

The friend, identified only as “Charlie”, was kidnapped and held for ransom for nearly a week. According to police the suspects took Charlie hostage at gunpoint at her job -a sports store in west London-, along with one of her co-workers, and took the pair to an undisclosed address in east London where they called the families of the victims demanding over $130 thousand in ransom money.

Police raided the east London location where the kidnap victims were being held and arrested five men.

Ms. Allen, who’s had run-ins with the law in the past, but was never a target of the kidnapping or ransom demands, expressed her thanks to London police officers in a blog posting on her MySpace page, “Thank you to the Met for getting my friend back, we were all terrified and from what I hear you guys did an amazing job.”

The five men arrested in the case are facing charges from conspiracy to kidnap to conspiracy to blackmail.

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