Meek Mill reveals past addiction to Percocet pills; open secret of drug use by rap artists

Meek Mill

Everyone is familiar with the beef that went on between Drake and Meek Mill over Meek’s then-girlfriend Nicki Minaj. Or so we thought…Meek Mill recently sat down in an interview with Charlamagne tha God and blew the lid off the whole diss track he made about the Canadian rapper.

In the interview, on the heels of the death of Juice Wrld, Meek opened up about his past addiction to pills, “[How] The f*ck you gonna make good songs anymore if it is killing your brain cells at a higher rate. This ain’t like weed. This a new epidemic. So we got to find out ten years from now, what it does to your body when you take them at a higher rate.”

”I never disclosed this before. I was taking 10 30s Percocets a day. You walking with death. You pop two in the morning, they gon’ wear off by four.”

While Meek’s openness was spurred by Juice Wrld’s tragic passing, he also wants fans to understand the epidemic levels of drug addiction in the hip hop industry, ”They need to know though. Because some of their favorite artists are popping 20 30s on the low about to die and no one is catering to what’s going on. I had to cater to myself and say ‘You popping ten Percs… you’ze a junkie n*gga.’”

“I ain’t come up like that. I had to make a decision with myself. You gon’ be a high pill popper or you gon’ be a millionaire bossed-up-type n*gga and they ain’t mix. I ain’t never seen a millionaire bossed-up pill popper in my life.” The rapper goes on to confess that he has no idea what his diss/beef with Drake was about and that due to the drugs his decision-making skills were impaired.

Wanna Know (Drake Diss)

War Pain (Drake Diss)

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