Miley Cyrus tries her best to be Rihanna in new “We Can’t Stop” video

Riley Cyrus

They say imitation is the best form of flattery right? Well if this is the case, Rihanna should be overwhelmingly flattered (or pissed off) when she sees the video for Miley Cyrus‘s new video, for “We Can’t Stop”. One look at “We Can’t Stop” and it is very easy to see that Miley is trying to be Rihanna – the wild party girl who oozes sex and sells millions of records for it. The difference is, she doesn’t look nearly as good as Rihanna doing it, and she probably won’t sell nearly as many records as the Barbados born beauty.

Somehow, as ridiculous as Rihanna can be at times, she makes hit songs with catchy lyrics and even catchier beats, so we usually let her slide and end up singing along to her nasally voice. But Miley, you’re not Rihanna, and furthermore, you’re doing too much. You’re trying extra hard to be cool, and it’s painfully obvious that you are taking a page out of Rihanna’s book with the overtly sexual, drug influenced and derogatory images and high fashion/hood girl style of dress. For example, in the video for “We Can’t Stop” Miley and her mix of black and white hipster “friends” party and do things that I’m sure they never do in real life for three minutes of thirsty bullshit. From the twerking with the “bigg butt” black girls that she sings about in the song, to the grills in her mouth, to cutting off house arrest ankle bracelets and the skull made out of french fries, it’s all too much. Not to mention, the lyrics about “doing lines in the bathroom, being “turnt up” and dancing on “Molly”.

You would think that someone who has the amount of money that Miley has would hire the best songwriters and pay a team full of people to put her sound together for her. But I guess she is going with the “let me corrupt as many young girls as possible, sex sells route”, which I guess is to be expected being the current climate of this world that we live in. But the least she should do is give Rihanna her style back. There’s only room for one annoying girl for us to have a love-hate relationship with.

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