Nas Dodges DUI Rap

Despite internet rumors rap star Nas has not been charged with DUI, this according to his attorney.

Rap star Nas escapes DUI charges after Georgia arrest.

Gossip spread online over the weekend when it was revealed that the 36-year-old Queens, NY rapper was arrested in Henry County, Georgia during a traffic stop on September 10.

In his written report, the arresting officer states he “immediately smelled the odor of raw marijuana coming from inside the vehicle,” as he approached the rapper’s black Cadillac Escalade. Nas reportedly failed a series of sobriety tests, with the officer noting, “eyelid tremors in both eyes and body tremors.”

The report also states that Nas “had a green tongue with raised taste buds and his pulse was raised to 116 beats per minute,” an indication, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Drug Evaluation and Classification Training Program, of marijuana use.

But according to his lawyer, John C. Mayoue, “Nas has not been charged with any offense whatsoever, including DUI… The state’s own lab results were negative for any drugs, including marijuana.”

Henry County police officials confirmed that Nas had been arrested and charged, but would not comment on whether the charges were dropped.

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