Noname says she’s tired of preforming for predominately white audiences


Noname has sparked a bit of racial tension between music lovers after announcing she is quitting music because she is tired of preforming for white people.

Noname tweet

The female rap artist tweeted (now deleted), “me consistently creating content that is primarily consumed by a white audience who would rather shit on me than challenge their liberalism because somehow liking Lizzos music absolves them of racist tendencies.”

She went on to explain that if you don’t like her music you should just say so because fellow artists such as DaBaby and Megan the Stallion don’t have an issue getting black people to come to their shows.

She continued her venting session by saying that most artists feel the same way she does about performing for a majority white crowd, but because of their “allegiance” securing the bag, they won’t speak up about it.

“me consistently creating content that is primarily consumed by a white audience who would rather shit on me than challenge their liberalism because some how liking Lizzos music absolves them of racist tendencies”
— Noname (@noname) November 28, 2019

“Y’all really pushing the idea that black people can’t come to my shows because of black death and financial restraint ??? As if Dababy, Megan and Smino shows ain’t black as hell? Say you don’t like my shit and move around lol”
— Noname (@noname) November 29, 2019

“whats funny is most black artist are just as uncomfortable performing for majority white crowds but would never publicly say that out of fear and allegiance to 💰 Which isnt a bad thing necessarily cause niggas gotta eat but yall wouldnt be up and arms if I quit workn @ McDonalds”
— Noname (@noname) November 30, 2019

“when I go to work, thousands of white people scream the word nigga at me. and no I’m not changing my art so it is what it is. catch me @nonamebooks ✌🏾”
— Noname (@noname) November 30, 2019

“That’s real. Unfortunately I’m not going to keep performing for predominantly white crowds. I have 2 shows on the books then after that I’m chilling on making music. If y’all don’t wanna leave the crib I feel it. I don’t want to dance on a stage for white people.”
— Noname (@noname) November 29, 2019

“I refuse to keep making music and putting it online for free for people who won’t support me”
— Noname (@noname) November 29, 2019

Music lovers were sent into a frenzy on Twitter as they tweeted back and forth about how ”music is supposed to be for everyone not racial.”

Whereas most of black twitter pointed out the fact that without the influence of black artists, genres like rock n roll, hip hop, country, and many others wouldn’t even exist.

I may be biased because I am a POC (person of color), but the progression of music has been heavily influenced by those blessed with melanin in my opinion!

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