Racist lady calls Bun B’s wife the n-word, threatens to shoot her, she didn’t know who she was dealing with

Bun B and his wife Angela “Queenie” Walls were on the receiving end of some racist words this weekend when they stopped at a Missouri City Whataburger. The two were involved in an altercation with a racist lady while online at the fast food joint and the racist lady called Queenie a n***er and then threatened to shoot her.

UGK's Bun B, with wife, Angela
Houston, TX: Bun B and his wife, Angela “Queenie” Walls attend the grand opening of the upscale dim sum restaurant, Yauatcha, May 2017. Johnny Than
Bun started live streaming after the insult was hurled, as the offending racist lady sits in her car blaring the horn. Queenie and Bun’s commentary paint a picture for those watching. ”This woman decided to call us a n***a today. She felt like calling me a n***a. She told Queenie she was going to shoot her and then got out and called us a ‘stupid n***a. She just had to say n***a. And that she was going to shoot my beautiful wife. She must not know what happened the last time a n***a threatened to shoot my wife. Guess who got shot. It wasn’t my wife.”

Bun and Queenie were on the drive-thru line at Whataburger, a line stretching out to the curb. The racist lady apparently wanted to get pass, but didn’t want to switch lanes, instead jumping out of her car to demand the UGK rapper and his wife move out of her way, calling them “stupid n***ers”.

Police arrived and seemingly take a report and the parties go their separate ways, at least that’s what the racist lady thought. But it wasn’t over.

The video jumps to a Walgreens, where Bun and Queenie happen on the racist lady again. Angela walks inside to find a stunned racist lady, “Surprise! You remember me? I’m still that n***a? Am I still that n***a?” The woman utters a “no.”

Moral of the story: “Be careful what you say to people and think you just going to walk away from it. Be very careful.”

Tiffany Simmons

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